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Your experience explained

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Heidi Sawyer
Psychic Medium Director

Psychic Test

Thank you for taking my test to access your psychic abilities and areas of psychic strength. I have given you an explanation from your answers on the quiz. Everybody is psychic, how you develop that depends if you want to open the door to the new experiences. Opening your psychic awareness will lead you to a greater experience of this world and the other side.

Your psychic ratings chart results

How to read your chart: The points of the inner star have been plotted onto the chart to reveal the extent of your abilities in each area. The score in each ability gives you an idea what best to pursue first and where you will have the greatest success

psychic test results

Your personal chart and PsiQ rating


Psi Q test results - your score out of ten.

Telepathy/Empathy 00
Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing 00
Psychokinesis 00
Precognition 00
Channeling 00

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Score: How to rate your points in brief

Telepathy  0-3 Poor  4-6 Good  7-10 Excellent  
Clairvoyance  0-3 Average  4-5 Good  6+ Exceptional  
Psychokinesis  0-5 Average  6-8 Good  9+ Amazing  
Precognition  0-3 Poor  4-7 Good  8-10 Excellent  
Channeling  0-3 Poor  4-7 Very Good  8-10 Talented  

This is a brief guide of your psychic abilities. For a detailed personalised interpretation of your results please enter your contact information here and the we will return the results direct to you quite free and without any obligation.

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Telepathy and Empathy
Communication directly from one person's mind to another without speech or other signs and understanding extrasensory perception, exploring your sixth sense. The ability to identify with and understand someone's feelings or difficulties.

Clairvoyance & Remote viewing
The ability to gain information about objects, people, or physical events through means beyond the five senses and the ability to get information about a distant or unseen target using extra sensory perception.

Psychokinesis and Psychometry
The ability to use mental powers to make objects move or to otherwise affect them and the ability to read information about another person's personal belongings by holding their items.

Means to get to know something before it happens, refering to the ability to see something before it physically occurs.

Channeling and Mediumship
The ability to make a channel or means of communication or expression to someone outside normal areas. Making contact with those in the spirit world and relating messages.

Psychic Circle

Totally online circle of like-minded people with weekly tuition, audio meditation guidance and live question and answer sessions and personal readings.

Becoming Psychic

Everybody is psychic, it is just a matter of being able to tap into that part of you. Like most things we have to learn how. The Psychic Power Home Course will teach you basic elements needed in your own home from a easy-to-follow course book and audio CDs also available as an instant download.

Heidi Sawyer

is Director of the Institute of Psychic Development, her Home Study Psychic Power course has sold throughout the world, she has written many articles on psychic development and her book 'Why My Mother Didn’t Want Me To Be Psychic' became an Amazon best seller. Heidi is an official Hay House author and presenter, and Psychic Consultant for the SciFi TV channel Medium programme.